Common Interest

Build Back Fairer

As we celebrate World Fair Trade Day, we think of our friends and manufacturers in India who are in the midst of disruption caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has threatened vulnerable garment workers around the world, and for us, this is a time when respecting people and our planet has never been more pertinent.

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The difference between performative and genuine sustainability in fashion, and why your individual choices matter

Performative sustainability, also known as ‘greenwashing’ occurs when instead of making a tangible change via addressing the factors related to sustainability (e.g. making supply chains and products sustainable, ethical, recyclable and beneficial to underprivileged communities), businesses instead engage in performative actions that appear to engage and action sustainable practice.

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A poem for my Father

Stacey Cotter Manière is a Poet and Creative Director based in Sydney. She has worked in the fashion industry across Europe, Asia and Australia for the past 14 years. She enjoys storytelling through various mediums and the cross-pollination that happens as a result.

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It Starts and Ends with Love

Six years ago, I hadn’t planted a single seed. Now I spend almost every waking moment tending to thousands of them. My journey is fuelled by my wonder at the generosity of the natural world. I started with a small 10sqm patch in my first flat, which produced for me an abundance of corn, pumpkins and tomatoes.

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Education is Power When it’s Rooted in Unlearning

The word ‘unprecedented’ has been thrown around a lot lately. You can find it everywhere, from social media to corporate marketing efforts and commercials on television. But there is nothing unprecedented — some- thing never done or known before — about these times.

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Introducing Common Interest – Issue No. 01

Kowtow is more than a fashion brand, and through Common Interest, we continue our commitment to leaving the world better through a collaboration with like minded visionaries. Built on the ethos that great minds think differently, but often find common ground - Common Interest is available exclusively in Kowtow stores and online from 14 March 2021.

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