Gidon Bing vessels and Kowtow garments share an understated craftsmanship and sense of purpose. Gidon & Kowtow founder Gosia discuss the creative processes and challenges of making ceramics and clothing. Story photographed by Larnie Nicolson for Homestyle.   Gosia Piątek: When I first saw your ceramics,...

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As one of the four founding directors at Makers of Architecture, Beth Cameron has played a fundamental part in the design of our new workroom, and our flagship store. We met with Beth to learn the myriad of things that influenced her career. Story photographed...

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Evocative feminine shapes and subtle colours of Melbourne based artist Caroline Walls' body of work first caught our eye in July 2017. With our common aesthetics embracing minimalism and a streamlined colour palette, we launched the process of a collaboration to adorn our Building Block...

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